LASHFOOD™ Eyelash Conditioner



The Phyto-Medic, Natural Eyelash Enhancer is a stronger formula than the Original, Natural Eyelash Conditioner. A clinically proven natural phyto-medic blend to provide longer, thicker, stronger lashes. Users will see enhanced results faster in comparison to our Original, Natural Eyelash Conditioner and only has to be applied once a day (at night). The Phyto-Medic, Natural Eyelash Conditioner is the PM Treatment and the Nano-Peptide Drama Mascara & Nano-Peptide Liquid Eyeliner are the AM Treatments. This system is designed to give users a continuous all day and night, 24 hour lash treatment.

Formulated by Cosmetic Scientists, LASHFOOD™ eyelash conditioner is a natural eyelash stimulant with herb extracts to provide you with longer, thicker and darker lashes. The breakthrough formula of Biotin (essential vitamins) and Arginine (Natural Amino Acids) and Iris extract (Natural Oriental Medicine Complex Extracts) promotes the natural growth of healthy lashes.

LASHFOOD™ is easy to apply. Just brush onto the root of clean lashes or brows in the same manner as if applying eyeliner while avoiding the eye area. Recommended use is twice a day morning and night.
Results will vary with each individual but usually within 2-3 weeks you will start to notice a difference. Your lashes will start to appear darker and thicker with increased length. Full results can be expected within 2-3 months. LASHFOOD™ is also recommedend for use on the brows.

Being a water-based product, LASHFOOD™ was designed to be used on natural lashes as well as eyelash extensions. By using LASHFOOD™ your lashes will receive the conditioning benefits to produce longer, thicker and darker lashes.
LASHFOOD™ only uses natural, plant-derived ingredients that provide you with incredible results.

LASHFOOD™ was formulated to be non-irritating to your eyes. Clinical testing and customers who have used LASHFOOD™ have not reported experiencing any irritation that they did with other similar type products.