What is the advantage to taking the Online Eyelash Extension Training Course?

An online course is a great way to receive training in eyelash extensions if you are not able to attend a physical workshop or do not have the time. Our Online Eyelash Extension Training program allows you the convenience to learn at your own pace and provides instruction through the use of text, images, diagrams, video and audio so that you can successfully apply eyelash extensions.

What is the difference between taking an online course and an eyelash extension workshop?

With the Online Eyelash Extension Training Course you are without a physical instructor. The online course is your instructor. It is setup in the same sequence as if you were at a workshop but without a live instructor. The online course is easy to follow and covers the overview of eyelash extensions, health and safety, products, application, removal, aftercare, marketing, setting your costs and includes tips and troubleshooting. You would go at your own pace. You can pause or stop each slide and continue when ready or take the course straight through.

There are videos on Preparing the Client, Application Technique, Removal and Trouble Shooting, Audio, Images and Content so it is very informative and easy to follow. There is also a downloadable training manual that contains all the information from the course.

As you are doing the course you would be practicing on false strip lashes (with or without a mannequin head) and then a live model (friend or family member). You can go at your own pace. There is no time limit to complete the course. Upon successful completion you will have up to 90 days to go back in and review. You will also receive email and phone support from us for any questions you may have.

Do I need a license to take the online eyelash extension training?

Yes, we do require that you have some type of a health or beauty license to take the online training course. This can include an esthetican or cosmetology license, makeup artist and nursing license to name a few. We also recommend that you check with the State Board of Cosmetology in your state or whoever regulates beauty services if outside the USA to see if a specific license is required to apply eyelash extensions. We have compiled a list of US state requirements, please see here. Prior to taking the online training please scan and email a copy of your license to [email protected]

What materials will I need for the online training course?

It is recommended that you have the following items prior to starting your online training course:

  1. JB Standard Large Training Kit $425 or Starter Kit $170
  2. Mannequin Head (optional but recommended)
  3. Practice Strip Lashes (1 set included in training kit)

Materials can be purchased at www.lashoutpro.com/ecom

NOTE: You can also take the course without the materials mentioned above but you will not be eligible to receive the final JB Certificate for the course. Students who purchase a standard or mini kit and complete the entire course are eligible to receive the final JB Certificate with the Approval Seal.

Can I take your online eyelash extension training course if I am still in school?

Yes, we would only require that you email us a copy of your acceptance letter or something showing that you are enrolled in a valid cosmetology or esthetician program.

Is the training DVD the same as the online training course?

The Eyelash Extension Training DVD contains a video showing the application. This is not considered taking a course. The online training course will provide you with detailed information in an indepth step by step process covering all aspects of this service including health and safety, application, framing, removal, after care, tips and trouble shooting, marketing your new service and more. A training manual is also included in this course that you will be able to download to use for future reference. You are eligible to receive an offical Eyelash Extension Certificate with the Lash Out online training course.

What is the cost to do the online training program?

The cost of the Eyelash Extension Training course is $175 (not including the kit). The Intro to Volume Lash course is $200. The technique required to apply proper volume lashes is more advanced so our trainers suggest only taking the course after a few months (MINIMUM) of practice with classic lash application. Click here for the Eyelash Extension Training Kit.

Will I receive a certificate when I complete the online course?

Upon successful completion of the course you will automatically receive a Certificate of Completion that will include your name and date of completion. This certificate can be downloaded to your computer. However in order to receive the Final JB Certification with the Approval Seal you will need to submit 9 before and after images total for 3 clients. Therefore 3 before and after photos for each client will be required. These photos will show only the eyes (please crop) a full face shot is not acceptable. The shots should show the clients eyes looking up, eyes closed and open, looking to the side. To see acceptable images (including quality and proximity) please click here.

When the course has been completed you will need to download the Certificate Request Form and email it to [email protected] with 9 before and after images.

Please also allow 2-3 weeks for processing to receive approval and certification since we may require re-submitting photos in the case the photos are not approved initially.

Do I need to purchase a training kit prior to taking the online training course?

The online eyelash extension training and JB training kit do not need to be purchased at the same time but you will be required to have a JB training kit so that you can have access to the products and be able to practice. The course and kit can be ordered at separate times.

Do I need to purchase a JB training kit to receive the official certification?

Yes, a JB training kit does need to be purchased in order to be eligible to receive the official eyelash extension certification with the seal that is mailed out.

What is the difference between the large standard kit and the starter kit?

The JB LASHES large, standard “SUCCESS” kit is currently priced at $425 and contains enough professional product, aftercare products and marketing materials for 60-70 clients.  The JB LASHES “Starter” kit will only include the basic items needed to do the training, any additional items would need to be purchased separately.  To see a breakdown of both kits contents please click here.

Can I use a training kit I have from another company?

Yes, you can use another training kit and take the course but you will not be eligible to receive the official JB certification. You will only receive the certificate of completion that you can download to your computer and print out.

How many days do we have access to the training course?

The course was created so that you can go at your own pace. There is no set time limit to complete the course. After you have completed the course you will have up to 3 years to go in and revisit. After that time period we can always reset the course for you if more time is needed.

How long will the course take to complete?

Since this is a self-paced course you can take as long as needed to complete. We recommend setting aside a minimum of 4-5 hours to take the course which will include practice application. Once the course is completed it is important to practice on as many different models to become comfortable with working with different eye shapes and lashes. You can also revisit the course for review.

Who is JB Lashes?

JB Cosmetics, manufacturers of JB Lashes, is the original eyelash extension exporters of America, and the major provider of this product even before it became a hit in Hollywood. Today, you can still count on us to provide improved products and latest techniques that are sure to significantly enhance your eyelash extension business.

JB Lashes are a superior quality at the industry’s lowest prices because we are factory direct.
Our company exports, distributes and assembles eyelash extension products throughout the world to many well known, trusted private label companies. We offer only the highest quality glues and lashes to our customers – distributors, dealers, importers/exporters and professionals. That’s how we make sure these customers fully satisfy their clients and keep them coming back again and again.


JB Lashes Mission

JB Lashes is dedicated to :

  1. Supplying the highest quality eyelash extensions at competitive prices.
  2. Supporting our patrons with integrity and trust. We know that  your success is our success. That’s why we offer only the industry’s finest products to our clients. Our mantra has always been, “Provide the best and the customers will come.”

Can I start applying eyelash extensions on paying clients after I am finished with the course?

The Online Eyelash Extension Training Course will show you the fundamentals but it is up to you to practice on models (friends/family) until you perfect your technique. Our trainers highly recommend spending a minimum of 1 hour per day, practicing on a mannequin head. There’s always room for improvement.

I live in another country other than the US. Can I still take your online eyelash extension training course and receive certification?

Yes, the online eyelash extension training course can be taken if you live in another country and if a JB training kit is purchased you can be eligible to receive the official certification. We always recommend that you check with your state/province or countries health and beauty regulations to see if any other license may be required prior to investing in the course.

Can I use my ipad to do the online training class?

Apple has never supported Flash on iOS devices (iPad or iPhone). You will need to download the Puffin Web Browser in the App store to be able to take the online training class on your ipad.